How to Read a Dress

I came across this article yesterday (an interview with Lydia Edwards, author of How to Read a Dressnow in my NEED list), which led me to this Instagram. 

My favorite fashion era (currently) is the 14th century, and I've sewn a few linen kirtles for fun. I love the history of dresses, especially the materials, and the stories of the women who wore them.

Beauty and the Beast


I came across this image online today (it's a Walter Crane illustration from a 19th century Beauty and the Beast) and got smacked in the face with deja vu. I must've read this when I was little, but too long ago to remember if I had the book, or a collection, or found it in my library.

Anyway, the new movie is really great. I wasn't thrilled with Emma Watson but Chuck thought she was perfect. I think my favorite song is still, strangely, Kill the Beast.

On Charlotte Brontë

I've been preoccupied with Jane Eyre over the past couple weeks, and will probably be stitching something related to the novel soon. There's a great article here on Charlotte Brontë and some of her personal items. I've gone back to it a few times—it gives a good idea of her character.

(Completely unrelated: I also love this article on Sisi, Empress Elisabeth of Austria.)